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Tips & Tricks For a Great Shed

Read below some tips and tricks we like to share with all our customers when they’re in the market for and planning for their new shed.

  • Vermaseal or Vermin Flashing can help ensure nasties like mice, cockroaches, snakes etc will find it very difficult to get into your shed unless invited.
  • Aircell shed insulation can prevent condensation build up on cold nights and scorching heat on hot days.
  • Extra security locks can be purchased for roller doors to help protect your valuable assets.
  • Most good quality sheds cost about the same. It’s the service, knowledge and procedural systems that set some companies apart from others.
  • Always consult with your council or a private certifier regarding the development laws regarding your project.
  • Ask us about our unique system specifically designed to save you time and money on your project.
  • Make sure you buy the shed you want, for your purposes and not what a salesman wants to sell you to suit their business.
  • Future proof your shed by ensuring the engineering can enable it to be extended in the future if needed.

If you have a question related to your individual situation, we encourage you to contact us here. 

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