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Earth works for a new shed

Earthworks, Concrete Slabs & Shed Erection

WA Shed Suppliers system is unique in this area and will save you time and money if followed correctly.

Our shed quotes can include concrete slab and build prices if required. These are industry standard prices, and we don’t profit in any way from these rates. Some prices may vary depending on exact circumstances and requirements.

We have contractors that will honour these prices in most cases and although highly recommended and respected within the industry, they are not affiliated with WA shed Suppliers and will deal directly with the clients. This saves money and ensures a smoother process.

NO EARTHWORKS ARE QUOTED OR ALLOWED FOR and it is the clients responsibility to ensure the site is suitable for the shed ordered.

If in doubt about earthworks, the concreter may be able to help or advise but any costs for this is the clients responsibility and are not included in any pricing supplied by WA Shed Suppliers.

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